UNN Staff Awards 2016 – Call for Nominations.
The University of Nigeria in conjunction with POTRIX MEDIA LTD and LION FM is introducing the first ever University of Nigeria Staff Awards.
UNN Staff Awards is an idea conceived in an effort to honour excellence, we recognize and reward University of Nigeria staff who have achieved measurable results through effective implementation. It is a reward system to honour a select number of the University staff who have distinguished themselves in different areas of life and for their outstanding accomplishments, character, integrity, social life and the noble example they have set for their colleagues and the students of the university.
Particular emphasis is placed on those who are genuinely dedicated to and have contributed greatly to taking this great institution to the next level. All staff compete equally at the different categories, regardless of age and level. Every staff has a unique characteristic, but commitment, courage and effectiveness make our winners stand out from the crowd.
UNN staff, students and alumni are ELIGIBLE to nominate their favourite staff.
Nominations begin today and ends on June 10, 2016. To nominate your favourite staff,
Award Categories
Best Dressed Lecturer (Male)
Best Dressed Lecturer (Female)
Most Influential Lecturer (Male)
Most Influential Lecturer (Female)
Most Popular Lecturer (Male)
Most Popular Lecturer (Female)
Most Punctual Lecturer
Most Friendly Lecturer (Male)
Most Friendly Lecturer (Female)
Security Personnel of the Year
LEADERSHIPDepartmental Head of the year
Faculty Dean of the year
Director of the YearCREATIVITYMost Innovative Lecturer
Most Outstanding Lecturer in Research/Publications
Event Managed by Potrix Media.

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