As the College has moved to its permanent site at Ituku/Ozalla, the Administration has conceived some plans for future development and sustenance of the gains of the medical school.  The College has plans for embarking on consultancy services, establishing business ventures and seeking collaborative arrangements with outside bodies and institutions especially abroad.  It has plans also to establish a Center for Advanced Research in Biomedical Sciences (CARBS).  The establishment of the center is necessitated by the need for a center that can pool resources available in the College together, catalyze innovative biomedical scientific thought and ultimately impact favourably on our scientifically challenged environment.

The College of Medicine and its affiliated University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital is a first generation institution of pedagogy, research and training of medical students, nurses, laboratory scientists, physiotherapists, radiographers and health management experts for providing health care at the highest level to Nigeria and the West African sub-region.  The cardio-thoracic unit is the designated center of excellence in this specialty in Nigeria.  The department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics is one of the world centers for tropical diseases research, especially onchocerciasis and malaria.  It is part of a consortium of international centers for equitable health system research.  There is on-going research on type II diabetes as part of the “Human genome project” in Department of Medicine and also in the areas of kidney disease, rapid dipstick diagnosis of malaria, male infertility, clinical trial of drugs, sickle cell disease etc.  Furthermore, the Senate of the University of Nigeria recently approved a Doctorate of Medicine (MD) programme for physicians who are already professionals but wish to contribute to learning.